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5 Top Tips for Safe Heavy Lifting

Updated: Jan 5

You've just bought a new 3-seater sofa and decided to haul away the old one. The hunk you are, you want to do the lifting all by yourself. I mean, you're healthy and feel strong, so why not?

Hey, lifting heavy items isn't a decision to make in a snap. If not done right, it can be hazardous. The tips below explain what you need to know about heavy lifting without harming yourself.

Determine if you are capable and comfortable lifting

Lifting isn't a task for everyone, even if you are very healthy. You could strain your back muscles and suffer other bodily injuries. Determine whether you are physically capable and psychologically ready to lift the item.

Ask others for help

You are not trying to win a medal. So why not ask one or two other people to help out? Anyone you're asking should also be capable of lifting heavy items and let them know it's okay to reject your request.

Make use of tools

You don't have to lift it with your hands. You can use tools such as the forearm forklift, which encourages proper lifting techniques and prevents back injuries.

You can also slip furniture sliders under each leg to move the sofa around with minimal effort. Sliders also protect the floor and the furniture.

Use the right lifting techniques

Improper lifting techniques can cause injuries. To prevent them, lift properly by keeping your feet apart with one slightly in front of the other. Then, squat down, bending only at the knees and the hip. Never bend your back. Pick the item up slowly and steadily while keeping your back straight.

Save yourself the stress by calling a professional

Why go through all the stress when you can sit back and relax while Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal Services do all the work?

The Paradog team will save you from stress and unnecessary injuries and also prevent your floor and furniture from damages at a very affordable cost.

Owned by a 25-year retired marine, Paradog will handle your property with trust, integrity, honesty, and excellent service - all values learned serving our country. Connect with us today!

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