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A Year in the Life

Updated: Jan 5

A Year in the Life

September 2020 marked the beginning of Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal. We started this company with the idea that business can and should serve as a source of good in the community, that a solid work ethic and values still matter, and guided by God we will always try to find a way to say “Yes, we can do that”. Starting at the beginning of the pandemic was a challenge that tested us in many ways. Through economic uprisings and down-turns, a death in the family, sickness and health and a brutal monsoon season, we managed – thanks to you - steady growth month after month. We have a way to go. Still, we transitioned form our old van, affectionately named “The Dog Pound” by the Parapups, and cargo trailer, to a new truck (RAMBo) and custom trailer to better serve our customers.

We have started a dumpster rental service as well. In all, our previous year looked like this:

  • Customers Served: 299

  • Total Combined 5-Star Reviews: 100+ (Google, Thumbtack, Home Advisor)

  • Negative Reviews: 0

  • Donations: The equivalent of five 26 ft box trucks

  • Steel Recycle: 27, 150 lbs

  • Paint Recycled: 1000 + lbs

None of this would be possible without the support of our customers. Hauling is highly competitive and the national franchise brands do their best to corner the market. Although they offer a certain “big market” appeal and great graphics, they charge more for less service and the profits do not remain local. Conversely, there is always the “guy with the truck” offering too good to be true pricing. Be understandably wary. Illegal dumping is a serious problem in Arizona and a blight on the landscape. Paradog will always engage in the extra effort to ensure proper “legal” disposal of all we remove; not as a marketing ploy, but as the ethos that drives our business model; “remove, recycle, repurpose”. As a family business, we at Paradog are eternally grateful for those whose support us and all local business. Together we can continue to grow as a source of good for the community we serve. We look forward to year two. Please follow us on

Facebook at

Instagram at

Thank you and stay blessed.

Michael, Teri, and the Parapups.

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