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How to rid your home of junk

Updated: Jan 5

Everyone accumulates unnecessary stuff at one point or the other in their life. It may be quite bothersome when you need breathing space, and it’s all cluttered with extra stuff.

Here is a guide on room-by-room overhauling to free up space in your home.

The first thing to do is to separate items you use. This way, you get to know the junk occupying space in your home.

The living room

You can start by inspecting the furniture to ensure they’re in good condition. Items like VHS tapes and DVDs that are longer useful can be thrown away.

Other items that can be decluttered are toys, shelves, old board games, old magazines, and newspapers to give your living room an attractive look.

The laundry room

You should declutter your laundry room to keep you organized when you need to do laundry.

Old clothes which have not been in use, a single sock, detergent cabinet, expired cleaning supplies should be decluttered for disposal or charity.

Your fast, friendly Arizona junk removal pro can help you with disposal if you have no idea what to do.

The basement and attic

We all know the storage room always attracts large junk items.

The basement is one part of the house that should be free from clutter, given that it's the main storage space. If you want to clear it for renovation or just for space, items like bad chairs, tables, shoes, old appliances no longer in use, decor, cartons, and old baby items should be your target.

This will help you to declutter and have more breathable space.

Before you reorganize the items in the attic, it’s ideal to thoroughly clean up the space first. Don’t stick to merely sweeping. You should use a vacuum cleaner to help trap dust and dirt.

This type of cleaning will give you a chance to check the attic space for pests or mold that could cause lasting damage to the materials you plan to store.

The kitchen

Whether it's a big or small kitchen, it's easily used when you divide it into sections to help you organize your cooking.

To simplify your kitchen and create more space, clean out places like the upper and lower cabinet, junk drawer, food, and cereal storage containers not in use, utensil drawer, pantry, refrigerator, spice rack, single cups, spoons, and plates.

Medicine cabinets

It's important to rid your medicine cabinet of expired drugs and drugs that have been in there for too long. You can dispose of them and create space for prescribed supplements and drugs in use.


Take a look at your garage. You shouldn't be surprised to find it cluttered with junk.

Your son's old bicycle, and ruined tyre, outdated spare parts and other metallic scrap are some of the things to do away with.

If recycling them is too expensive, then you can contact the appropriate service to salvage what is useful, while pocketing cash at the same time.

If you want to boost your mental health, decluttering is key. A clutter of unwanted items creates an uncomfortable feeling.

Hiring professional junk hauling and removal services to get rid of junk can help you overcome negative habits. And with the Arizona junk removal experts at Paradog, you’re sure to get a reliable service that hauls away your junk in Arizona, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and other major cities. Contact us today to help with home and workplace hauling!

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