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How we Charge for Junk Removal

Paradog Junk hauling & Disposal enjoys a “Top Pro” status on Thumbtack and “Elite Pro" status on Home Advisor. We are proud to have reached these milestones. According to Thumbtack, “how much you'll pay for pros to haul away your junk, trash and unwanted belongings depends on several factors, including the type of junk and its size. Many companies typically charge by volume or by how much of a truck you fill. In most cases, a full truck will cost more than a half-full truck”.

Average National Junk removal price list:

Load Size Cubic Yards Average Cost Paradog

Half pickup truck 1.75 $85 $85

1 pickup truck 2.5 $166 $120

2 pickup trucks 5.0 $330 $165

3 pickup trucks 7.5 $493 $210

4 pickup trucks 10 $657 $275


At Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal, we charge by volume. Our trailer load range is from $85 at the bottom end to $550 at the high end. To make pricing more discernible by our current and potential customers, we have established nine price points that are fully displayed on the front page of our web site. For an easier reference, a cubic yard is roughly the size of one regular sized washer or dryer. All our labor and disposal costs are factored into the price. So, it remains fixed. We do not like or offer surprises, we never change our quote once accepted, and we clean up after we are done.

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To ensure you do not overpay, get at least three from junk removal companies in your area. Give them as much information about your junk — size, the number of items, description of the items, the condition of the items, etc. — so they can give you an accurate quote. Once you receive those quotes, you can choose the more affordable option. Do not be afraid to ask about discounts and deals, too. Some companies offer discounts to members of the military, seniors and more. Be especially concerned with sustainable and responsible disposal practices and ask the questions. Here at Paradog, we gout of our way to ensure every item that can be repurposed is and every item that can be recycled will be. We strive to limit our impact at the landfill to every extent possible.

There are items which will bring exception to the general pricing rules, which apply to standard household and yard debris only. Certain items will incur additional cost and may be priced separately. For example, certain construction materials and hard-scape items, i.e., concrete blocks, bricks, cinder blocks, river rock, gravel, soil, tile, roofing shingles, hard wood, carries higher densities and heavier weight. They incur more cost in labor and disposal and often must be separated and hauled to different locations. Our general pricing for these types of jobs is $165. Per cubic yard. The national average is from $155-$177 per cubic yard.

Access issues, such as distance to the load site, stairs, etc may also incur additional cost.

Many of my competitors offer instant quotes via pictures. Although we will offer estimates by pictures, we tend to shy away from firm fixed quotes by pictures. Mostly because pictures never really tell the entire story, and often more lies unseen. Instead, we will offer a price range with the stipulation that all quotes are fixed prior to the start of any job upon agreement between us and the client. That system works well for us, and we will continue with the practice. We are always fair and competitive with our final pricing.

At Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal Our belief is that business should serve the community and the greater good. Our foundation lies in God, Family, Community, and Country. The qualities we bring are integrity, traditional work ethics, promptness, thoroughness, and a promise to provide exceptional value and service.

Our Mission

The mission of Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal is to be nice, provide exceptional value for the money, and to leave every property better than when we found it, while remaining environmentally responsible and ethically guided.

Our Values:

We honor God.

We serve our community.

We excel in service.

We give back.

We protect the earth.

We walk responsibly.

We provide value.

Our ethos of "remove, recycle, and repurpose" will carry each day.

It will be our pleasure to discuss your needs and find a way to help you accomplish your clean up goals.