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Out With the Old and In with the New (Trailer, That is)

Updated: Jan 5

We knew this day would eventually arrive. I was hoping it would have been a moment later, but all things in God’s time. I am referring to selling our trusted and sturdy cargo trailer and replacing her with something better suited for the multitude of carrying loads and hauls we have encountered over the past year. Quite frankly, we beat her up pretty good and she held up well in a role for which she was never intended. Over the past year we replaced/repaired all four tires, replaced one fender, replaced the tongue jack, and installed a new dongle. Still, to the end, she pulled well, and tracked straight. I am pleased we sent her off to a contractor who will convert her into a mobile office. “Fair winds”.

As I type this, I am in a bit of a reprieve from work waiting for our new trailer to be delivered. We ordered a custom self-unloading, 16.5 yard, open top trailer from Crocker Manufacturing ( ) in Phoenix. This new trailer will enhance our efficiency, while allowing us to accept a more diverse load-set. With more than 5000 lbs. of payload capacity, we will be better able to respond our customer’s removal and hauling needs. At the other end, the trash kit track and rail system, along with an on-board 12000 lbs. winch, will allow for quick, safe, and efficient unloading – Basically, the trailer unloads itself – saving us time, wear and tear, and allowing us to take more loads each day. The tarp kit will keep each load nicely contained during transit.

Wait! There is more. There have been many times over the past year that I said to myself, “Self, I wish I had a second trailer”. Well, God often suffers fools and while I was ordering the new 16-yard trailer from Crocker, I found a used one in Yuma I will be picking up this week. Although this other trailer is used, she is ready to work and the advent of steel decking, instead of wood, will provide us greater options and capability. Eventually, this trailer will be fitted with a tarp and trash kit as well. Eventually, these trailers will be available to rent as a ‘driveway safe dumpster option”. The will be more to come on that later.

With new trailers comes a new structure. As our previous trailer had a capacity of over 20 cubic yards, and these new trailers will top out at 16.5 cubic yards, our posted prices were updated to reflect the changes. If you recall from previous blogs, a cubic yard is about the size of a standard washing machine.

New prices are as follows:

Single Item pick up: $85 5/8 load (10 yards): $300

1/8 load ( 2 yards): $120 3/4 load (12 yards): $360

1/4 load (4 yards): $160 7/8 load (14 yards): $420

3/8 load (6 yards): $180 Full load (16 yards) $480

1/2 load (8 yards): $240

Of course, these prices reflect standard household debris that is ready to be removed.

Access issues, additional labor, and certain construction materials / hard-scapes, i.e., block, cement, hardwoods, tile, flooring, roofing materials, soil, etc., will incur additional cost.

Our fees are all inclusive and are services include, but are not limited to:

Same day junk pickup - House clean out service - Attic clean outs - Basement clean outs - Garage clean outs - Junk hauling - Residential bulky items pickup - Curbside pickup - Appliance removal -Old furniture disposal - Hot tub removal & disposal - Trash pickups - Shed demo & removal - Hoarding house clean outs - Emergency / Off hours services - Television recycling services - Spring clean outs - Fall cleanups - Eviction clean outs -Foreclosure clean outs - Bank property clean outs - Rental property/apartment clean outs - Corporate commercial clean outs and liquidations - Donation pickup services - Parking lot clutter - Trash clean up and removal – lite demolition – delivery- and more.



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