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"Remove. Recycle. Repurpose": What it means. Why we do it.

The below excerpt is from the City of Phoenix Public Works page (https://www.phoenix.gov/garbage-and-recycling):

About the Public Works Department

With more than 600 employees under its Solid Waste arm, Phoenix Public Works provides trash, recycling and other waste diversion services to more than 400,000 households. Our work culture is founded on delivering customer satisfaction, as well as continuously striving for efficiency in our operations. Our commitment to the Phoenix community is to create and promote a more sustainable Phoenix by providing waste diversion education, convenient and reliable diversion programs and to collaborate with organizations and businesses to develop a robust economy based on sustainability.

Through the Reimagine Phoenix initiative, our goal is to divert 40% of our trash from the landfill by the end of 2020. We are determined to work with the community to achieve this goal, not just for the protection of our health and environment today, but to guarantee good health and a clean environment for future Phoenicians. ​

Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility

Phoenix owns two strategically placed transfer stations, one in north Phoenix and one in South Phoenix. Transfer stations temporarily house all of the trash from Phoenix in preparation for hauling the materials to the State Route 85 Landfill in Buckeye.

All recyclables in Phoenix are also sent to the transfer stations to be sorted by the adjoined Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF contains a series of machines and conveyors that sort glass, paper, metal, cardboard and plastic into separate bales.

All green organics are sent to the 27th Avenue Compost Facility to be processed into quality compost.

Locations North Gateway Transfer Station 30205 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix, AZ 85085 1/2 mile northeast of the Dixileta Dr. exit (exit 220) 27th Avenue Transfer Station 3060 S. 27th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009​ South of Lower Buckeye Rd. on 27th Ave. There are 7 Landfills in Maricopa County, Arizona, serving a population of 4,155,501 people in an area of 9,198 square miles. There is 1 Landfill per 593,643 people, and 1 Landfill per 1,313 square miles. In Arizona, Maricopa County is ranked 10th of 15 counties in Landfills per capita, and 3rd of 15 counties in Landfills per square mile (https://www.countyoffice.org/az-maricopa-county-landfills/). Landfills in Maricopa County, AZ are solid waste disposal facilities that bury trash underneath layers of soil. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and Arizona Environmental Agencies regulate and license Maricopa County garbage dumps, sanitary landfills, and dump sites. The design, operation, and allowable waste are dictated by Arizona law. You may contact Landfills for questions about:

  • Maricopa County resident access to waste disposal facilities

  • Household trash and yard waste disposal

  • Construction and demolition dump sites

  • Commercial and industrial waste dumps

  • Maricopa County hazardous waste landfills

So my Point My point is that the city of Phoenix, surrounding cities, and the county have a robust system in place to collect and separate garbage, household debris, electronic waste, yard waste, construction debris, etc. and published rules for the same. Why aren’t we – the community in general and my competitors specifically – setting the example of sustainable responsible disposal? I see this too many times to pass it off as a casual occurrence and far more than I can place into this blog. So let me choose just my most recent visit to the City of Phoenix North Transfer Station as an example. I was in the process of unloading construction debris from my trailer when a moving company box trucked backed in next to us. The crew opened the back in and commenced to throwing used, but otherwise serviceable furniture into a pile behind the truck. My daughter, who was with me, asked, “That looks like good furniture Dad. Why would they throw that away and not donate it”? Why not indeed. I had no good answer. The truck left.

Right behind the box truck came a pickup unloading a mix of items, including a good amount of scrap steel, some electronic waste, and two full cases of plastic still fill water bottles. I do not know the story of the water bottles, but to be where we were located, the driver passed the open bay for scrap steel, and the provided bin for electronic waste. My daughter looked flustered. Again, I had no response.

Another truck pulled to our other side and emptied and large load of discarded cardboard boxes. Just beyond him four perfectly good conference table chairs were discarded

I am not here to condemn or judge the actions of anyone regarding their disposal practices. There is always the “rest of the story” I do not have. But perception matters. Sustainability matters. Responsible business practices matter. Having my children learn our ethos of “Remove, Recycle, Repurpose” and see it practiced day in and day out as part of our business model matters.

Our Practice

I follow several social media sites and pages for Junk Haulers and Property Preservation businesses. I read a particular post about whether our not any of the other haulers sort the items in a load before disposal. Almost all the responses were (paraphrasing), “I load it and it goes to the landfill”. I would like to believe this was a more a national and not local condition, but I would be mistaken. The prevalent of thought is to load, dump, and go get the next one. I get it. We are in this business to earn a living, make a profit, support our families, and grow. Sorting takes time and effort. Time is money. I will not debate the right or wrong of it. Nor am I suggestion this is the conduct of all haulers within Maricopa County, only that I witness it more than enough to offer that it is a common practice.

Here at Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal, we go out of our way to sort as we load. We do not go through every container, bag, or box, but we make a concerted effort to separate items based on whether they can be recycled, repurposed (donated), or must go to the landfill. We will empty and flatten carboard boxes and recycle them if we can do so. Scrap metal is separated and either recycled or placed in the appropriate area at the transfer station. Electronic waste is separated and placed in the proper collection bin at the landfill or taken to EGreen IT Solutions (www.egreenitsolutions.com) to be recycled. It is not uncommon for me to go to the transfer station and makes three stops (Electronics, scrap metal, disposal).

One day last week, my trailer was full and needed to be offloaded before I could take on any more. The route looked like this. First, I stopped at a donation center and dropped off one table. It was a small table, but still had lots of life in it and I thought someone could use it more than the landfill. Whether it is one item, or 15, we are regulars at various local donation drop off sites. Our second stop was at the Sweetwater Park to off load a load of cardboard boxes. Most of the contents had been transferred into garbage bags and were on there way to the landfill. A stop at RZR Recycling (http://www.rzrrecycling.com/) was next to off load some sections of steel pool fencing and an old refrigerator. Finally, we made it to the transfer station to offload debris. This takes time. It takes effort. It takes resolve because it is easier to “load, dump, and go”. In the end, responsible “sustainable” practices are what we do and what we will always do. #supportlocal.

Our Mission The mission of Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal is to be nice, provide exceptional value for the money, and to leave every property better than when we found it, while remaining environmentally responsible and ethically guided.

Our Values We honor God. We serve our community. We excel in service. We give back. We protect the earth. We walk responsibly. We provide value. Our ethos of "remove, recycle, and repurpose" will carry each day.

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[MS1] Below is some supplementary information on City of Phoenix Recycle Bin locations.