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The City of Phoenix and Bulk Trash Removal

A Message for the Director of Public Works

To all Phoenix residents:

The past several months have been unusual, to say the least, for Phoenix Public Works. Due to a nationwide shortage of CDL drivers, our Solid Waste division was (and still is) short-staffed. Unfortunately for our customers, that led to delays of several weeks, in some cases, in quarterly bulk trash collection. I again apologize for the frustrating inconvenience you may have experienced. I am also aware that, since the city-wide collection re-route that changed weekly garbage and recycling pickup days for 80% of residents, your barrels may not have been collected as early on your designated trash day as they used to be. I apologize for any confusion, unsurety, or missed collections that have affected you or your neighborhood.

In both cases, you have been incredibly patient and forgiving, for which I am grateful.

One thing that has not wavered in the slightest during these recent, atypical delays has been the diligent work of our solid waste equipment operators. They have sacrificed time with their families during a festive time of year to work long hours into the evenings. Many of them have been driving routes 6 days a week for months because they are committed to giving you the service you expect and deserve. You would be hard-pressed to find any employees in any organization who work as hard or with as much determination as our truck operators. Please recognize the incredible grit they display by continuing to work overtime to fix service interruptions and delays that are happening through no fault of their own. I kindly ask for your compassion towards them.

Fortunately, things are looking up for our Solid Waste operations overall. Through hiring incentives and increased pay, the City of Phoenix is attracting higher numbers of quality applicants for solid waste equipment operator positions. In the coming weeks, many of these new hires will be on-boarded and give us additional strength in numbers. Our entire department – most especially these dedicated truck drivers -- is committed to improving our service responsibilities to all of you.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the kind notes and greetings you pass along to our equipment operators. Their hard work is what keeps our city running.

Respectfully, Joe Giudice Director, Public Works Department City of Phoenix

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