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Top Tips for a Garage Cleanout This Summer

If your garage looks like a dumping ground for all kinds of junk, you're not alone.

Most people have converted their garages into storage spaces. They stash so much stuff in their garage that it could no longer accommodate a car, not to mention two.

Now that it's summer, you can take advantage of the favorable weather to clean and organize your garage.

As a garage cleanout expert, we've uncovered some tips to help you out. Let's dive in.

Empty your garage

Clear out everything in the garage onto your driveway to enable you to see how much space you have to work with.

Pull items out one shelf or space at a time and separate them into piles. Doing this will make it easy to put back the things you're keeping in an orderly manner.

Determine how much space you need

Discarding all the items is unnecessary; you may still need some of them.

However, you want to determine how much room your car will take to know what space is left for the items you want to put back in.

Categorize the item

It's time to separate the item into those you no longer have any use for and things you should keep.

You don't want to clutter your garage with items you haven't used in the last year, as there's a good chance you won't use them again. It's time to let go. For relevant items, keep this aside.

Decide on what to do with the clutter

Go through the rest of the clutter and decide what to do with them. You can donate items in good condition, such as bicycles and toys, to charitable organizations.

Alternatively, you can host a yard sale or sell them on Facebook marketplace or craigslist for extra cash. Trash items you can't keep, sell, or donate. For hazardous items, contact the county waste station for proper disposal.

Hire a junk hauling pro

If the trash will take more than a few truck trips, you should consider getting the help of a junk removal pro.

We'll be happy to remove any item, from old television to damaged furniture. We also junk construction debris or garbage responsibly.

Deep clean and organize your garage

Scrub down the entire garage before putting anything back in. Sweep, mop, and dust everywhere, including those hard-to-reach places.

Once you're done, use shelves and cabinets to organize your stuff. Shovels and rakes can be hung on the wall using hooks. Consider grouping similar items, so you know where to find them.

See? Cleaning out your garage can't get any easier. For help decluttering your garage and junking your items, reach out to us today.