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You know it -  your yard is an absolute eyesore, and you can't deal with the yard waste removal right now.

Your neighbors are probably giving you the side-eye. Because let’s face it, it’s a complete mess.

But you don’t have to beat yourself up. After all, you work a 9 - 5 job, Mondays through Fridays. And the little time left is to relax and spend more time with family and friends. So it’s easy to neglect the yard, leaving the heaps of tree branches, leaves, stems, etc., to pile up.

But with a thorough, affordable, and hassle-free yard waste removal, you can finally get that yard clean once and for all. Paradog removal services covers the major Phoenix area and more!

Yard waste.
Yard debris.

You can decide to load up your truck and try to dispose of waste yourself. But that may be illegal and challenging. You can also choose to use the waste for composting or mulching, but there may be more waste than you need.

And sometimes, there’s too much waste to fit into the waste bin. The best, easiest, and hassle-free way to get rid of your trash is to hire a professional yard waste disposal, so you can relax after all that hard work!

Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal offers professional yard waste removal services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We help residential property owners get rid of their yard waste quickly, easily, and without making them pay through their nose. When you choose Paradog to tidy up your yard, you gain the benefit of getting served by a trusted, reliable, professional, and affordable company that loves the community just like you.

Our pricing is transparent, and unlike some yard waste disposal companies, you can be sure there’re no hidden charges. You only pay for the waste we collect and dispose of.

You’ve mowed your lawn, trimmed the plants, removed the wilting branches, and pruned the shrubs, and you’ve raked them!. Excellent job! But that’s only half the job. Leaving a heap of yard waste can take the shine off your hard work, overshadowing the well-pruned trees and shrubs.

With our yard waste removal, we tidy up all types of yard waste, including: 

  • Grass

  • Branches 

  • Leaves 

  • Yard debris 

  • Hedge Trimmings

  • Weeds & Plants

  • ShrubsTwigs

  • Mulch

  • Holiday Trees

  • Tree Trunks

  • Holiday Trees

Clean yard with pool.
Clean yard.
  1. Contact or call us toll-free at 1-855-PARADOG 1-855-727-2364. We’ll schedule an appointment with you, and a few hours before the scheduled time, we’ll let you know. 

  2. Our team will arrive and inspect the waste you want to remove. We’ll then give you an estimate. 

  3. If you accept, we’ll get down to work, removing all the waste in your yard and do a sweep up after we’re done.

Congratulations, the yard waste removal was seamless and hassle-free. 

Your yard is now clean, looks great, and adds to the beauty of your home. 

When the weather is nice, you can even host a party and relax with friends and family. 

It’s time to enjoy your yard. 

Make it happen by contacting us today!

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