[Islamic State] is the threat of the world

Can be seen from zero [Islamic countries]

[Islamic State] is the threat of the world To be seen from the zero [Islamic countries] is a worldwide major phenomenon To spread to the whole world [supranational] of [thought] Obama President of IS [founder] !? [ISIS ([Islamic Countries (IS)]) has the honor to President Obama. He is the very ISIS founder. He is what founded the ISIS. If, bogus Hillary Clinton would say that is a co-founder] US President Election Day a month later to refrain was 0 years 0 days of the election, Trump candidate of the Republican, anti mentioned in the meeting that was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Of course, without actually also supposed to have founded the IS is President Obama himself, this statement is, by Agetsurau pairs Middle East policy, not only in rhetoric to criticize the Democratic administration. However, such a way that bring hung as words such as if if it were a fellow IS a rival or, produced the IS [criminal] is called the (perhaps to speculation Street Trump candidates) big ripples in the US society . Difficulty and danger of the [looking for the culprit] Anger against IS, puzzled, as fear spread to the world, in the political world has come to stand out the rhetoric of [looking for the culprit.

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