[Islamic State] is the threat of the world

Battle plan in the Islamic countries]

[Islamic State] is the threat of the world [Muslim countries] in the battle plan = the original North University students we sent papers on suspicion - the Metropolitan Police Department To become a combatant of the extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS), as such was the travel preparation to Syria, the Metropolitan Police Department Ministry of Public Security is the day, in my game reserve suspect, man was at the time Hokkaido University students () and fiqh the Komoto Doshisha University () et al people Nakata who were sent papers. Had been sent papers to the other, based on Hokkaido University and 0 Young Men and of Chiba prefecture, which was attempting to join the battle in the same way, journalists who supported (0), 0 Adult Men. According to the such as the Ministry of Public Security, some of which have recognized the suspect as [it joined the IS, was trying to commit as combatants]. Nakata former professor and journalist colleagues or request help get in touch with the IS side, that was to purchase the ticket. Prosecutors suspect is 0 years around, attempted to travel to Syria in order to participate in combat operations of the IS doubt

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