[Islamic State] is the threat of the world

Whether the [Islamic State] was born How

[Islamic State] is the threat of the world Whether the [Islamic State] was born How? Looking back from over the establishment Kenji Goto Yukawa Harukana's restraint murder by last year occurred Islamic countries in month (IS) has led to the fear and deep sorrow to us Japanese. After that Russian airliner crash incident in Egypt eastern Sinai Peninsula, such as the terrorist attacks in France Paris, IS and its faction in a number of terrorist acts and attempted incident, also the person who is the relationship that resonates to the principle claim of IS suspected and, it would also no longer be able to have indifferent to this [country] to live in Japan. Looking back at the process of IS birth. And the rise of Zarukawi [Iraq of al-Qaeda] (al-Qaeda in Iraq) birth The origin of IS birth, dates back to the rise of the Jordanian Islamist is an activist terrorist A boom scan Abu up = Zarukawi (Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). 00 years, United States George W Bush administration is crossing into Iraq attack, invasion coalition forces of the United States military entity in Iraq, was pulled down Saddam = Hussein is a Sunni * faction from the seat of the President.

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