[Islamic State] is the threat of the world

Ecology of [Islamic countries]

[Islamic State] is the threat of the world Ecology of Islamic countries: capital inflow path from the outside "Hayat" paper of the month date (pan-Arab paper of the Saudi capital), the person to be accountants Abuyashiru of [Islamic countries] as a testimony that you made to the Iraqi Central Criminal Court, reported the following summary. It should be noted that he was detained in the vicinity of the border with Syria by Iraqi authorities. Yashiru After swore allegiance to Bagudadi, went to work in the accounting because of the injuries of childhood. Where the work is to be distributed to the combatants of the monthly salary, which is positioned as a deposit, it was to inform the accounting officer who is after you create the expenditure list of [Islamic countries], Aleppo province along with the amount of money required for this to work It was. [Islamic countries] is dependent on a variety of organizations and individuals in financing from abroad. The necessary funds for the operation and combat of faction Upon safely procured from various countries, it is necessary to use the economic activities of individuals.

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